The Premier Mailing Industry Event


gen session judyEach year at the NPF, over 100 USPS representatives and industry experts come together to teach business owners and industry professionals how to improve their mailing operations and increase profits with involvement and collaboration within the mailing industry. 

Multidisciplinary topics, based on professional interest are arranged into educational tracks and typically include:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Mail Piece Design
  • Fulfillment
  • Data Processing and Analytics
  • Safety and Security
  • Niche Mailing
  • College and University, Nonprofit, Government and Periodicals Specific Topics
  • Technology
  • Proper Addressing and Mail Acceptance Practices
  • Package Shipping
  • USPS-led topics regarding Policy and Regulation and Industry Projections


2018 USPS Executive Led Sessions

  • National Meeting of Area Focus GroupsJoin US Postal Service Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Dave Williams as he leads a discussion showcasing the partnership between the Mailing and Shipping Industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear about key operational changes and learn new ways to enhance your business.

  • Megan Brennan Postmaster General of the US Postal ServiceIn a dynamic media, communications and e-commerce marketplace, delivering ever greater value to the individual consumer and American commerce is the opportunity and the challenge that underpins the close collaboration and partnership between the Postal Service and the mailing and shipping industry. Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s keynote address will discuss the investments and business strategies of the Postal Service that are creating industry growth opportunities and more compelling consumer experiences. Information and technology platforms are enabling new ways of engaging with the consumer, supporting America’s business, and transforming industry business models. Postmaster General Brennan will share her vision for these platforms, for improving industry competitiveness, and collaboratively meeting the rising
    expectations of America’s consumers and businesses.

  • PCC Leadership Opening Session

    Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) continue to be one of the most important networks of the mailing and shipping industry. Join your colleagues at this forum to learn more about how the PCC community can help you grow your business and advance your leadership skills. All current and future postal and industry PCC members are invited to attend this national session where participants will recap PCC highlights and initiatives from the year, as well as focus on future education, communication, and membership strategies.

    In addition to hearing from the Postal Service Executive Leadership Team members and PCC Advisory Committee leaders, there will be a special segment about how the Postal Service has partnered with a university to teach millennials about Direct Mail as part of the omni-channel marketing campaigns and strategies. Hear directly from the lead professor and students about curriculum and the unique learning experiences. This is an opportunity that all NPF participants should not miss and be sure to attend our other PCC workshops.


  • Tuesday General Session Jim Cochrane

    New technologies. New customer expectations. More competition. More opportunity. Navigating today’s marketplace requires a wide aperture to understand the spectrum of changes across the marketing and communications landscape. The interplay and dynamic of changing information, technology, and media consumption is reshaping the role of mail and shipping in reaching and engaging the consumer. Join the USPS Chief Customer and Marketing Officer to explore new ways of enhancing the customer experience and applying the marketer’s lens to today’s influential business trends.

  • USPS Officer Led SessionsAttendees have an opportunity to personally learn from key postal leaders about topics that will guide the entire mailing and shipping industry into the future. Each year, the Officer led sessions provide perspective on some of the most important issues, changes and ideas affecting the industry.

    Officer-Led Sessions offered at the 2018 NPF:

    These Officer-Led Sessions, held only at the NPF, are a unique opportunity to hear facts and insights regarding the future of mailing and shipping operations and how they may impact your business.

Education Tracks & Workshops


workshop concentration

  • The NPF educational and workshop curriculum extends far beyond any other shipping and mailing industry event.  With more than 115+ workshops across several industry- specific categories, there is always something for every industry professional.  The NPF track offerings are modified each year to accomodate changing needs within the industry. 

    The 2018 education tracks include:

    • Direct Mail – The Cornerstone Of Omni-Channel And Digital
    • Leveraging Customer Experience With Data Analytics
    • Mail And Future Emerging Technologies
    • Shipping Innovations In An Evolving World
    • Streamlining Your Mail Center Operations

    Track details and workshop offerings are currently being updated.  Please come back soon.

USPS Professional Certification & Workshop Training Credits


The National Center for Employee Development

The US Postal Service Certification Program offers an opportunity for NPF attendees to expand their base of knowledge, professional skill and commitment to ongoing education through three comprehensive training courses traditionally only offered through the NCED Conference Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  Upon completion of a multi-session course and passing the final exam, successful participants will receive Official US Postal Service Certification. The integration of  NCED Certification courses into the cost of NPF registration (certification exam fees not included) offers attendees the potentential for substantial savings over cost of attending both separately.

If you’re seeking opportunities to bolster your professional credentials, try the Official US Postal Service certification courses being offered exclusively at the NPF and choose the course that is best for you.

In addition to the professional certification courses offered, attend workshops at the 2018 NPF and earn your 2018 Workshop Training Credit Certificate.  This program, endorsed by the US Postal Service, rewards attendees based on their participation in the 2018 curriculum. 

For more more detailed information on all of the certification opportunities available at this year's conference, please visit the Certification page on this website.